Staffing & Outsourcing

We are a standing out executive Search and Selection Company, providing a wide range of recruitment solutions for various requirements. We are a team of dedicated professionals offering services across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and American markets.

Human resources are one of the most central strategic rights in the consultancy industry, guarantee competitive advantage and organizational success.

Power to produce an effect management of an organization’s human resources is now constituted as a critical serving in the success of public and private enterprises. Developing, managing and improving employee benefits, HR and administration functions so the employer can focus on their core business. Managing All Your Human Resources Needs With Personal Service and Professionalism.

In spite of size, the presence of well-trained and highly proactive attitude staff will enable organizations to meet the fresh challenges that come from the rapidly changing business environment. The motivation of the importance of human resource management has lead to a demand for trained and qualified HR professionals and to the development of a career structure rising to the highest levels across industry sectors.

Business Consulting
CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES business consulting services always focus on improving business performances by its unique, inventive and perceptive of business strategy. Every organization desires to have a trustworthy, superior and efficient technology for its success. Finding the right solutions involves identifying key enabling technologies for client’s business strategies through a combination of custom application development, “off the shelf” applications, technical advice and technical infrastructure. Our business plan will facilitate you to improve desired results and enhance business output either you are a corporate entities or an individual. Our organization is enthusiastic to consultancy for companies with our committed approach to see their business mounting.

With our Business consulting Management we help organizations to pick up their performances from our investigation of current business problems along with their implementations. We include other specialization in this field also like, Strategic Planning Process, Policies and Human resources consulting etc.

Our Business Performance Management services allow our clients to implement approach with data analysis, project scope and long term decisions. CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES always look to design processes in such a way to clients so that organizations can work more proficiently with improving productivity.

Customer Relationship Management
At CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES we regard CRM as a journey, not a destination. It involves shifting your focus from your products and channels to your customer. It means streamlining and integrating your sales, marketing and customer service.

Every Companies/industry faces an almost insolvable problem: How to control operating costs and to achieve profitability in the face of glide high customer expectations. Simply implementing a solution intended to achieve organizational goals ISO 9001 is not enough to achieve CRM success.

In an atmosphere of extreme price sensitivity, customers are demanding more service, more convenience and more personalized communications. Businesses must maximize every interaction with their customers to make positive impressions and drive loyalty and preference.
Done right, the results can be extremely powerful:
Lower contact center costs
Increased customer satisfaction sales conversion rates
Improved sales performance across all channels (direct, indirect and partner)
Reduced field service operations costs

Strategy Consulting
We help your team get the strategy for your content, sales and customer connections right: first time. We’re a team of digital strategists, independent of your agencies and suppliers who can quickly work with you to build the right digital strategy for your brand, region or company. Every consultant has over a decade of experience in developing digital strategies and we work in small, tight teams in partnership with your senior managers. Today the digital strategy needs to be at the heart of communications planning, and without the right ideas, framework and processes, everything else underperforms.
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Application Outsourching
We endeavor to work with IT enabled Services companies worldwide in developing integrated solutions for them as per their requirements. Being located in India we have distinct development advantages in terms of development skills, costs and turnaround time. In this regard, we look forward to leveraging the expertise, technology, scale and global reach of CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES to specific projects or tasks associated with the operation of a business or other organization to an outside entity to deliver quality software solutions. This kind of application outsourcing has saved the companies a great deal of money while also providing their customers access to service and support of high quality.

According to new research conducted by CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES, on a total cost of ownership basis, can save 30% to 38% of costs by working with fewer Companies. This includes both one-time and recurring cost reductions. For example, one-time costs can be reduced 35% to 40% by working with existing companies instead of new ones, through savings in specifying, tendering, evaluating, selecting, negotiating, contracting, transitioning, managing and governing the additional work. These are largely hidden costs, since often times companies are not aware of them or do not qualify them.

Our goalmouth is to make the company’s IT enabled processes more authentic, standard and efficient, while helping it simultaneously achieve lasting cost reductions and improve the overall service levels provided to its business users.

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Data & Document Management Outsourcing
Every business firm needs to maintain some records of its day to day commercial activities. Some companies have their in house data entry operators who do the job of data entry for the company but some companies outsource data entry jobs so that they can work on other important aspects of the business. When it comes to choosing a partner for data or document management outsourcing, we are capable of handling your Data Entry work at a much lower cost, as our operational costs are much lower as compared to others. In accordance to prices offered by us, it would reduce your onshore cost by more than 50%. CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES would be an excellent choice. We are the ground zero for Data Management Services. We transform paper documents to electronic documents thereby simplifying your business processes. Our Internal quality processes are at eSCM level 4 and at Sigma 5.35. We offer the benefit of proven outsourcing methodologies, processes and standards to all our clients. Electronic Document Management is a necessity in today’s business environment. However handling the document conversion on your own is not easy or productive. A few years ago, outsourcing data entry was unthinkable but the need for quality data entry work grew and the in-house personnel were not as fast, accurate and efficient. So, outsource data entry became a more profitable procedure and removed management headaches as well. Instead of focusing on your own core activities you will be spending time and energy on a process that would be more profitable to outsource.

The reason for outsource data entry
The problems of managing data processing activities in a company are solved and it saves the extra cost of employing data entry operators. This in fact allows you to focus on your main business. Outsourcing also cuts down your expenses for extra infrastructure and additional software. You will also be able to find a better team of professionals in the outsourcing partner.
Electronic Document Management benefits your organization in various ways;
Enables accessibility to multiple copies of the documents
Compressed storage space
Highly resistive against calamities
Reduces the technology and human resource costs
Expeditious document search and retrieval
High security and integrity to the documents
Cost competitiveness, simply because of abundance of intellectual capital technology intensive
High precision and quality intensive
Save on facility costs; rent, utilities, and other associated costs
Eliminate expensive computer equipments and maintenance

We have expertise in the areas of,
Document Scanning and pre-processing: This is the process of preparing documents for scanning. They remove all staples, tags, folds and arrange the documents in sequence for scanning. Scanning documents into the database using scanners and EDMS software. The selection of scanners and the EDMS software depend on the volume and the time frame for the project.

Ingathering and Assorting True Documents: Process begins with the collection of data from our clients, which is received by us in the paper document form. These paper documents are digitized by a scanning process.

Format conversion: Converting scanned images which are in Tiff format to a desirable format, i.e., to PDF / Word / Excel, etc.

Indexing/Coding the documents: Indexing documents for future retrieval purposes. The number of fields for indexing is decided by the customer. Indexing makes your document accessibility easier. We index your scanned documents based on various information and fields such as name, customer/ product id, document code, date, client details, department details and so on.

Document Archiving and Retrieval: All our documents are archived and stored using various storage means. At CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES we use the grade data bases and technologies to archive your electronic/ digital documents. We protect your digital documents using our authenticated document archival which also enables us to retrieve data in a short span of time. All digitized documents are stored and shipped through memory disks, ftp and mails. For added security all digitized documents are stored in a centralized warehouse which is secured and accessible only by authorized users via Internet.

Quality check: Prior to burning the documents on to a CD the quality of images and the content are checked. If need be, a re-scan is done and put into database. They also check the indexing criteria and make sure proper indexing is done for related documents. Implementation of EDMS: We also customize and implement EDMS enterprise wide for enhanced information retrieval mechanism.

Asset Management Outsourcing
Most Services and businesses are continuing to seek opportunities where they can reduce their operating expenses, thereby being more competitive in their respective markets. Clearly the ‘Asset Management Outsourcing’ of various business operations is a viable option for businesses to explore and examine. As a professional, we can provide asset management services less expensively than in-house operations, where we will come and evaluate your current business operations and provide you a detailed written the cost savings associated with outsourcing your asset recovery operations.

However, outsourced solution providers are facing a vast array of challenges that range from mass investments, long payback periods, poor asset inventories and long negotiation periods. Only participants armed with aggressive strategies are likely to survive in this market. As a result, many service providers are now reviewing past successes before undertaking new ventures.

BPO Solutions
We deliver better BPO Solutions for the middle-market to provide your organization with the best total value and we have led the industry in developing and implementing best practices ever since. We offer comprehensive, fully integrated solutions, benefits with higher quality service, cost reduction, productivity growth and innovative capabilities than in-house. Couple that with our unparalleled knowledge of the mid-market and our strategic partnering approach with clients and you’ve got the best BPO offering out there. Our rock-solid team strength enables us to keep investing in the best professionals, cutting-edge technologies and best-of-breed solutions. It all adds up to our robust value proposition that no other firm can match. We assist our clients by managing their business processes to world-class standards, while saving 25% to 50% annually and allowing them to focus on much more important activities.
Types of BPO Solutions & Services,
Back office outsourcing, which includes internal business functions such as billing or purchasing.
Front office outsourcing, which includes customer-related services & customer support services such as marketing or tech support. IT provides, stimulates (cross-border) BPO activities etc.

Benefits of choosing CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES for BPO Solutions:
Economic Benefits – Reduce HR department total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 30%; lower HR capital investments and operating expenses for staff, infrastructure and technology.

Strategic Benefits – Align HR resources with strategic business plans; free your HR executives to focus more on strategy; provide your employees with better benefits and retirement information.

Operational Benefits – Provide operational excellence and integrated solutions; implement world-class best practices; and standardize for economies of scale and process efficiencies.

Technology Benefits – Provide you with ready access to the most proven HR technology platform in the outsourcing industry, which we designed from the ground up for mid-market companies.

Human Resource Benefits – Provide you with better information and analytics for managing your workforce; provide your employees with more choices and greater control over their benefits and careers.

Risk Management Benefits – Establish strong governance structure, program management, regulatory compliance, risk assessment/mitigation and total quality assurance programs.

Corporate Sustainability Benefits – Manage environmental, health, safety programs; reduce energy requirements for offices, data centers, equipment; reduce paper and waste.

Range of Services
Pre-Employment Services – Career centers, sourcing/recruiting, applicant tracking, screening, on-boarding, employment tax credits, compliance.

HR Administration – Integrated HR, benefits and payroll solution; manager/employee self service portal; compensation and performance management, conformation, reporting.

Benefits Administration – Health & Welfare, carrier enrollment, call centers, COBRA, FSA, commuter benefits, employee communications, leave administration, reporting.

Payroll Administration – Gross-to-net processing, accruals, garnishments, general ledger, online pay statements, checks, direct deposit, tax filings, reconciliation, reporting.

Time & Labor Management – Time/attendance, data collection, scheduling, absence management, activity tracking, analytics, payroll integration, reporting.

Retirement Services – Defined contribution plans, executive deferred compensation plans, premium only cafeteria plans, recordkeeping, reporting.

Multimedia Outsourcing
Market capturing is an astonishing part of any business these days. Production of a demo which blows over the prospect client has become an integrated part of an organization. Multimedia Outsourcing has now developed and refined to the state wherein the profile of a company as a whole has turned up into an interactive profile. This process still offers professional photography to be included in these matters to help a company get some impressive or fresh pictogram. A creation of these articles inclusive of the graphical depiction is time as well as finance consuming if handled in an in-house project. Well-equipped and ornate with power point slide presentations, companies have motivated to create their own attendance felt in real live videos, animations, and digital voice over processes. We helps vendor develops and creates all the aspects of the information technology world; which includes online as well as offline solutions. These solutions are integrated by with digital audio and full motion videos with addition to the contemporary data specifics, which include text, graphics and conceptual images. Creating these interactive articles is time and finance consuming if done in an elegant in-house project. Also , we specialize in producing high quality multimedia for the internet and mobile devices (such as iPod and Smartphone) and most robust technologies to deliver content that runs first time, every time.

Multimedia Outsourcing Benefits
Multimedia Outsourcing saves you money when unit costs go down as volumes increase. External service providers can achieve economies of scale unavailable to individual firms when they combine the volumes of multiple companies.

Type of synergy that can cross corporate boundaries is the sharing of risk. In a very large operation, it may be that the company can afford multiple plants. But in smaller companies — or in the production of small-run specialty parts — it may be cheaper to spread the work across a number of existing vendor plants via outsourcing than it is to build a number of small plants yourself.

Well-managed outsourcing can enhance the development of employees, has taken a step forward and has evolved a state wherein the profile of a company as a whole has turned up into an interactive profile.
Multimedia Outsourcing task includes
Graphic designs
Web Authorizing
CSS Designing
Cartoon Animation
3D Animations
CD/DVD designs

Others Solutions On Demand
Any Customer relationships have proven their significance in business management; and are now the most demanded solutions for any type of businesses. New improvements are taking part in existing solutions and new solutions are introduced day by day. Some vendors are now specializing in some specific industries, while most others are making their presence felt across industries by offering more customization features. The inflation of solutions also created a perplexity in small business managers’ minds; they are still confused to choose that or this. When it come to cost, on demand and on premise systems are neutralize to each other. On demand solutions do not need any large upfront investment as there only require a monthly usage fee per user; no database or internal network set-up, no update or maintaining costs. On premise solutions on the other hand requires big upfront investment for purchasing and implementing software, they need continuance, cyclical update and manual or instructed data backing-up. So on demand solutions suit businesses with limited users and on premise solutions suit those with more predicted end users.