Quality Standards
Quality control is reliable, efficient and is easy to learn and operate that assures that the standards processes and procedures are appropriate for the project and are correctly implemented. We offer end-to-end customer-oriented quality services by applying traditional development processes as well as Agile. We successfully solve tasks of any complexity, from manual testing to different automation tools using.

Our Offshore QA team supports software both for small and large development projects. Software quality is conformance to explicitly state functional and performance requirements, explicitly documented development standards and implicit characteristics that are expected of all professionally developed software. The software should be easy to maintain and should include tasks for correcting faults in the original design and make improvements to adapt the functionality of the software to changing environments.

Software quality is also determined by whether the software product is portable, reusable and also whether it can be expanded. To make offshore relationships successful, software teams has to dramatically improve their software processes. For example, customers/business users have had to learn how to specify their requirements carefully and understand that changing those requirements midstream could cause significant cost and time overruns. Many non IT users struggle to deal with these requirements. And their inability to manage with it can eliminate much of the savings the offshore development offers. Agile development indirectly saves organizations money because it produces higher-quality code that meets customer needs, but cost savings aren't typically the key benefit.

Engagement Models
Conflux Software offers models to ensure and meet effective and efficient needs of clients across the world which ensures the identity of their competitive advantages in a business market place. To provide a virtual team to the system integrator while monitoring the level of significance ,level of commitment, level of regulating influence, investment required (both time and money) and the cost savings generated through offshore / onsite economics to standard levels for the situation at the point of service.
Our engagement models are:
Project and sub contracting
Faster Time-to-Market
Retained Team based Model
Offshore or Onsite development center

Technology Revolution
The technology revolution is a pivotal point in the human history, in which technology went from being a thing that was mostly static, to being a thing that was actively effort to capture and developed at a fast act, leading to a vast reputation in technological capability.
As of the current time, there are some technological revolutions that are beginning, and can be extrapolated into the future.
Genetic extrapolation: dynamic modeling tracing inversion method
Army Robots: leading to a military robotics arms race.
Artificial Intelligence: to gain superiority over humans in an increasing number of tasks (it is already superior at chess
Nano Technology: molecular software designs
Cloud Network: Powerful computing on your mobile device with computer
A truly new revolutionary technology completely disrupts Markets, Industries and Business Models

Startup Ventures
In today’s, first experience are usually what count the success. To uphold in this competitive business, the first release in technology / services / products often have only one chance to prove your quality businesses; very few can afford the hard of a second chance. With a success of experience behind us, we at Conflux Software will help put vision to your idea and launch an effective venture/business. We share the emotion of startups venture and this passion converts into us delivering balanced solutions and excellence.
Here are a few reasons why you must ponder Conflux software as the technology partner for your venture:
Higher Return on Investment
Faster, iterative Development
Better Solutions
Flexibility in requirement submission
Cost Saving

Best Solutions
Conflux Softwaere providing the best solutions in web, I phone Apps, Staffing

News & Media Room
To be a globally respected high-end service solutions provider by developing to our.
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