Custom Application Development
CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICEShas an endowed and experienced team involves all aspects software cycle of Pre-Sale to Designing architecture, Data work flows, Coding and Development , Bench & Real-Time Testing and Signoff followed by warranty and support. A manifest process and methodology is followed to carry out such processes as agreed by the customer after undertaking the software development process work.
Why Conflux Software?
Create, set up and maintain customized applications which can be capitalized to improve your business solutions. Develop feature rich applications considering the industry standards and industry evolution Software and Systems developed by CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES would strengthen your business to stand in the target market and serve as per the wants. Custom application development solutions enable you to enjoy competitive advantages of the technologies and serve the industry best services. Broaden your business process through creation and execution of high quality Custom Business Applications. Online Internet Application Development that directs your employees and clients a way to manage projects, share information and work together. Our trained professionals are equipped with vast information and knowledge to help your application from your requirement analysis to the application development, collaboration, deployment, maintenance, migration and customization.
Our suite of Application Development Service offerings include:
New Application Development
Product Development
Database Business Applications
Distributed (client-server) applications
Custom E-Commerce Solutions (B2B and B2C)
Custom components and libraries (ActiveX controls, plug-ins, etc…)
Rich Internet Application Development
QA and Testing
Product Help Desk or Support
Change has become an ineluctable law of the business and when the technologies are developing continuously, you daily have to deal with the multiple requirements of the clients/customers. And so you might have to face few business challenges when you find your application not worthy for fulfilling the clients’ needs. There comes need of a Custom Application development that understands your technical needs and designs a Customized Application for you. We also employ the latest project management techniques and software engineering implement. Click here to see more
Product Development
Our product development services bridge across wide industry verticals and we have produced quality products for our clients globally. The end products that we release to find a cheaper, faster, and better way to successful product launch to our clients undergo intensive testing and are always subjected to a beta release before the final release. The result is increased profits and revenues. Ensure that development is continuous and product development is a probable process where before release of the end product resources are allocated to go any customer specific adaption that may be needed.

Our clients range from startup companies to enterprise funded companies that wish to shorten the time they need to get their products to the market.
Our services include the following:
Product Design and Development
Product Implementation and Integration
Product Enhancement / Upgrades
Product Migrations
Product Maintenance and Support
We could assist you with development of your IT products on any one of the following technologies:
Microsoft .NET platform
Java Applications
Open Source Platform
Our expertise can help your infinite idea to shape into full entity which will allow you to deliver results and revenues. With our team in various departments, we can help you with all following product development phases.
Scope analysis
Competition study
Feasibility study
Creating Mind map for your product features
Defining FDS [Functional design scope] to visualize your project on papers.
Technology selection that suitable for your project which is scalable and flexible
Product Development
Testing and Quality control of product in beta and final release
Alpha and Beta Testing.
Online Internet Marketing [SEO, SEM, Content Development, Manual Preparations, Training modules, E-learning specifications]
Maintenance of product to allow your software to out compete your competitors.
Web Solutions
Website Design
Today thousand millions of people are accessing the internet and websites every day, many of them look for a website which is having a good design so that they can buy somewhere. If your website is having a pleasurable emotion and innovative design then only they will visit your site again and again. However your firm is big or mid or small size, you need a website design to your global target market. That's where CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES TEAM comes in. Our teams who knows how the viewers would like to see the design and what should be included in a website to make it successful and on the basis of their research and experience we create the design which is based on the taste and demand of the focused viewers. Our experience over the past five years has given us the opportunity to cater to a wide variety of businesses and target audiences. Having an excellently designed site is like an asset for a company, because it reflects the Company’s position and credibility. At present there are thousands of web design companies in this world. We won’t be shocked, if you say that your next door neighbor and friend Harry is also a web designer. So you must be thinking that why should I opt for "CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES" and not Mr. Toe. We won't explain you anything instead would ask you to just check our web designing portfolio as we believe that a picture is worth thousand words. We are sure that you will find our rates and our website designing quality much better than any other web design company.

For Small Business we have developed a special low cost package catering specifically to the needs of this market. From the time designing we keep in mind the SEO issue, SEM issue and the web standards.

Creates corporate logo with great detail & makes sure that you as the client are satisfied with the entire experience & result. A well designed logo signals the identity of a company, its strength, services & products offered. Logo design services offered by us will create a long lasting impression on a customer’s mind. We do not offer readymade logo design but logo design tailored to your company goals. We create original logo design which stand out and are unique in their own right look & feel for your organization or product. Our professional logo designs developed for your website can be easily printed. We provide you with all these vector file formats for your convenience (.ai, .cdr, .psd, .jpg, .eps, .gif).
E-Commerce Application
E-commerce is a new way of conducting, managing and executing business transactions using computer and telecommunications networks. The cutting edge for business today is Electronic Commerce (E-commerce). Most people think E-commerce means online shopping. But Web shopping is only a small part of the E-commerce picture. The term also refers to online stock, bond transactions, buying and downloading software without ever going to a store. As awareness of the Internet throughout the commercial world and general public increases, competitiveness will force lower entry barriers, continued rapid innovation and expansion of markets. The key to making electronic commerce over the Internet a normal, daily business activity is the condition of the telecommunications, content/media and software industries. E-Commerce is expected to improve the productivity and involving of participating businesses by economic growth to an on-line global market place with millions of customers and thousands of products and services. It can also reduce costs in managing orders and interacting with a wide range of suppliers and trading partners, areas that typically add significant overhead to the cost of products and services. Our e-commerce web services and solutions offer you a monster of benefits the most immediate one being the opportunity to give your business global exposure. Through our customized e-commerce website design you will also enjoy the cost effective benefit of tracing the pages that your customers access and thus make changes that will make their time easier.

In addition, E-commerce includes B2B connections that make purchasing easier for big corporations. While there is no one correct definition of E-commerce, it is generally described as a method of buying and selling products and services electronically. The main vehicles of E-commerce remain the Internet and the World Wide Web, but use of email, fax, and telephone orders are also prevalent. E-commerce is associated with the buying and selling of information, products and services via computer networks. It facilitates new types of information based business processes for reaching and interacting with customers - online advertising and marketing, online-order taking and on-line customer service etc. To meet these needs you will need partners who are intelligence and understand this new area of business. We are a reliable partner made up of a young work force of programmers, designers and e-commerce developers who have comprehensive knowledge on the new generation online business trends. With this background we are able to offer you advice on best practices on e-commerce web design and how to make the best out of your online store.
Smart Design Team arms your Organization with:
An Eye-Catching and Artistically good-looking Website
User-Friendly Design Interface for easy accessing
Accurate Keywords for Search-Engine Ranking
High vehemence on a consistent and recurring thesis
Ordered content across all Verticals
Intelligent Internet marketing and procession Strategies
Compatibility across all Internet Web Browsers assured
Types of E-Commerce Applications
Business-to-business (B2B) E-commerce: The Internet can connect all businesses to each other, regardless of their location or position in the SCM. This conventional presents a vast inflict to traditional intermediaries like wholesalers and brokers. Internet connections facilitate businesses’ ability to passel directly with a range of suppliers, thereby eliminating the need for such intermediaries.

Placing an order to purchase certain things, making payment to the creditors, buying and selling of shares etc, are happening within a second. This cater of e-commerce has been well accomplished for several years, over presence or Value-Added Networks.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) E-commerce: Single-way marketing. Corporate web sites are still spectacular distribution mechanisms for corporate brochures, the push, and single-way marketing strategy. The companies are focusing mainly on customer centric activities. Now e-commerce is focused on the use of a virtual shop front on the WWW that allows an Internet user to browse and order goods or services from the storefront’s online itemized display. This cater largely equates to e-retailing. It is clearly modeled on the real-world shopping experience, with carts to drop your goods into and checkouts to settle your bill with a credit card. There are now shopping malls all over the Internet offering all kinds of consumer goods, from sweets and cakes to computers and cars.
Benefits of E-Commerce
Increase Sales and Expanded Geographical Reach
Electronic Commerce can offer both short term and long-term benefits to the companies.
Expanded Customer Base and enabling you to reach new customers
Easier and faster for you to do business with your existing customer base.
Moving business practices, such as ordering, invoicing and customer support, to network-based system.
Reduce the paperwork involved in B2B transactions.
Tracking customer satisfaction, requesting more customer feedback
Increase Visibility through Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Available 24/7/365 and build Customer Loyalty
Reduction of Marketing and Advertising Costs
Basic Benefits of e Business e-Commerce o - this is the first thing that people consider
Technologies can fit within the definition of "E-Commerce," the most important are:
Electronic data interchange (EDI)
World Wide Web
Product data exchange
Electronic forms
Bar codes
Electronic mail
Is E-Commerce Safe?
Yes, E-Commerce system can guarantee 100-percent protection for your credit card, but you're less likely to get your pocket picked online than in a store. Consumers don't really believe it yet, but experts say E-commerce transactions are safer than ordinary credit card purchases. Although Internet security trespasses have received a lot of press attention, most vendors and analysts argue that transactions are actually less dangerous in cyberspace than in the physical world. For merchants, E-commerce is actually safer than opening a store that could be looted, burned, or flooded. The difficulty is in getting customers to believe that E-commerce is safe for them.

Ever since the 1.0 versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, transactions can be encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL), a protocol that creates a secure connection to the server, protecting the information as it travels over the Internet. A way to tell that a Web site is secured by SSL is when the URL begins with https instead of http. SSL uses public key encryption, one of the strongest encryption methods around. Browser makers and credit card companies are promoting an additional security standard called Secure Electronic Transactions (SET). SET encodes the credit card numbers that sit on vendors' servers so that only banks and credit card companies can read the numbers. E-Commerce Application portfolio
Web Application & Development
Are you looking for web application development project to a professional Indian expert?
CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES has the professional know how and the experience in providing custom web application development services by understanding your business study, existing business approaches and effectively implementing the technical requirements through perfect technological solution that progress the recital of your business. With a cost-effective, efficient Web Development strategy you sure can get ready to explore those untouched domains by the success you can achieve with us. Offering a balanced blend of customer service that is A-One and a full range of technical dexterity and programming proficiency.

In the past a company's image embraced of its people, infrequency and brand eminence. In today's fast moving times, the first source of research on a firm is on the Web. You Google™ the name, find the website and those initial 25 seconds leave an enduring impression on your mind about the firm. Hereafter, custom website design has been a key online marketing discipline. It serves as a door way for online marketing.

CONFLUXLIVE GLOBAL SERVICES has worked with multiple technologies, industries, design styles and concepts when building a website design. Our website design and development services include Custom Website Design, Corporate Website Design, Flash Design, Multimedia presentations, Brochure and Logo design.
Our web application development services include:
Software application migration to a new technological platform
Maintaining the existing web application through dither free process of understanding the maintenance needs Custom application development from scratch
Web Software Product development and marketing
Custom application enhancement with new business modules, features, etc…
Identifying the solution to implement the same and planned execution for continuous existing processes.
Look no further for your web application maintenance requirements.
Custom web software application development requires thorough planning before going to the actual development processes.

We believe in adopting the technologies with the know-how in various development platforms like Microsoft .NET, Java Technologies, Open Source LAMP, Zend Framework, Magneto, etc. along with widely used databases like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, etc… we realized clients’ the business application development requirements using the right platform keeping in mind innovative, integrated solutions that provide flexibility and scalability. Web Application and Development portfolio / product page
Content Management Systems
With an eye-catching on designing and building high quality content management systems (CMS) and enterprise e-commerce system gives you ultimate design flexibility. Empower our clients with easy-to-use tools. Set of processes and technologies to convert manual content may take the form of text, such as documents, multimedia files, such as audio or video files, or any other file type into Digital Content.
Benefits are designed to:
Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data
Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data
Manage your work-flow through the inherent intelligent feature of such a management system
Control access to data, based on user roles. User roles define what information each user can view or edit
Manage consistency throughout the design of your website
Maintains uniformity in maintaining corporate branding and its identity
Improve the ease of report writing
Improve communication between users
Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing
We can provide you complete website marketing and positioning solution for you. From big venture firm to small scale industries, it is peremptory to have high ranking website listing in search engine. We are specializing in making search engine friendly websites. Internet marketing section explores in the fields of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with the highly experienced and levelheaded professionals. We can help make your internet marketing plan a success with a full range of SEO and SEM services.
Why SEO/SEM with US?
Analysis of the existing scenario
Setting milestones
"Pay per Click" advertisement has proven to be one of the major aspects of online success in today’s target market.
Complete planning to achieve the same
Monitoring and Receiving qualified traffic
Increasing the CTR(Click Through Rate) which increase Brand or Corporate awareness
Increasing the conversion rate of the online presence
Natural long term search positions
Site relevancy within the search engines
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Custom Application Development
Why Conflux Software?
Product Development
Web Solutions
Website Design
E-Commerce Application
Types of E-Commerce Applications
Benefits of E-Commerce
Is E-Commerce Safe?
Web Application & Development
Content Management Systems

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